At the end of the 1960s, R. Murray Schafer used the term “soundscape” to position any given sound environment as an aesthetic unit, one with the properties of a musical composition with criteria for analysis and evaluation. Yet the soundscape, the “everyday soundtrack” of landscapes from rural to urban, remains unruly, broad in description and design. The soundscape’s inherent interdisciplinarity and collaborative construction asks it to be considered beyond aesthetic terms. As our playlist swims around in the ambiguity of its definition, the soundscape’s social function is what unites the case studies below, asking how the soundscape can be considered as an opportunity for civic, collective, or simply pleasurable participation.

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00:00- 06:12     Pierre Mariétan - Rose Des Vents


      A Conversation Piece Excerpt                                         (01:20)

     A Conversation Piece Excerpt                                       (04:00)

06:00- 09:37     Ernest Hood - Night Games

09:00- 17:00     Hildegard Westerkamp - Voices For                           The Wilderness

16:20- 22:01     Charlemagne Palestine - Negative                                Sound Study

      Homo Ludens Excerpt (18:06)

20:56- 25:00     Tom White - Run Amok 

      A Conversation Piece Excerpt                                       (22:39)

24:24- 34:30     Henning Christiansen - Requiem of                                    Art 

34:00- 41:34     Olivia Block - Sonambient                                 Pavilion 

                                     (from youtube video by Nate Burker)

40:30- 47:04     Baudouin Oosterlynck - Refuge 

46:05- 51:55     World Soundscape Project - Squamish                                Narrative 

46:52- 52:40     World Soundscape Project - Ocean                             Sounds 

52:12- End     Aine O'dwyer - An Unkindness                              of Ravens 

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