Clegg & Guttman

Firminy Music Library was presented as part of an exhibition shown in a housing estate designed by Le Corbusier in Firminy, France. The Firminy estate was isolated in the outskirts of the city on the top of a steep hill. In a considerable state of disrepair, half of the building was boarded up while the rest housed single parents, students, immigrants, and elderly pensioners.


US artist collaborators Clegg & Guttmann asked residents of the estate to make tape compilations from their personal music collections. They stored these tapes in a model of the Corbusier building, placing each tape in a slot that corresponded to the location of its donor’s apartment.


Clegg & Guttmann have described their work as Community portraits, devices designed to elicit, record, and organize responses from communities. While each tape within the Firminy Music Library represents an individual identity, the library becomes a community soundscape.


image _ installation

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