exploring the new media potential of social soundscaping

Our interest in an expanded and social definition of soundscaping can be largely credited to Frith and Ahern’s article, which examines the potential for new mobile sound practices to produce public participatory soundscapes. 


Each member of copyist selected one quote from the article that guided their approach to this playlist + visual essay,,,

(emma) “Unlike traditional soundscapes created either naturally or by a single sound artist and listened to directly,                     social soundscaping is a practice that allows people to collaboratively author new soundscapes without                           necessarily impinging on the shared soundscape outside of headphones."


(madison) “Before headphones, everyone had - to some degree - to engage in the shared experience of sounds of a                             space.”                     


(mimi) "…The danger of creating increasingly dense layers of location-based information is that people who do                           not have the correct technologies or digital literacies will be unable to access these spatial markers (de Souza                 Silva and Frith, 2010; Frith, 2012)…. If these social soundscapes continue to develop, we may introduce new                 forms of differentiation and exclusion to public space, allowing certain groups to construct shared                                   soundscapes  while others are left with the unfiltered ‘noise’ of the city. "






image _ Janet Cardiff, Her Long Black Hair (2004)

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