what we do

who we are

copyist is a research and curatorial platform that works at the intersection of sound, art, and cultural studies.


currently our efforts center on publishing playlists with context.


each one of our thematic playlists is accompanied by a textovisual essay, including case studies, artworks, bibliographies, videos, correspondences, etc, etc, that have informed our approach to the playlist.


copyist in many ways functions as and against an essay. like an essay we hope to form and evolve ideas, pulling from and piecing together a conglomeration of sources. we also want to challenge the directiveness and resoluteness of the prose essay. our playlists and textovisual essays offer navigators opportunities to digress; holes to sink into; possible, but not prescribed encounters with information.


we always place speculation above resolution.


unlike a musical copyist, whose copying demands significant understanding of musical notation, theory, and stylistic conventions, we celebrate our amateur status in our investigation of sound.


our long-term ambitions are to open a storefront and project space to host workshops, lectures, screenings, and residencies. for now, we exist in the cloud and seek opportunities for collaboration and conversation, please email for further information.

emma c. roberts is a writer and researcher based in philadelphia, pa. Her current work centers on the intersection between participatory art and film theory. How can art be embedded into the world? How is authenticity constructed? What is a gesture toward reality? What is lived experience? She wants to ask questions. She is anxious about answers. She wants to be a participant. She feels conflicted about critical distance. She inhabits copyist as an essayist, curator, and friend.

mimi owaske is a listener. Observing and experiencing sounds of the ?mundane? She wants to better understand the significance of sound; its formation, its echo, its dissolution. Mimi shares with you a mix of sound / song through copyist, while always welcoming suggestions for further listening.